Zebra Link Herd #1


The Link Herd series is an adhoc catch up of reading related to the Zebra Eclipse Studios premise. We are all publishers and in response that the evolutionary path of marketing agencies will meet that of publishing houses.

The Wordle tag cloud is made from the text in the posts linked to.

How to Self-Publish a Book With WordPress
Via WP Tavern

You might be under the false assumption that “real books” aren’t self-published. Back in the day, self-publishing was considered to be on par with vanity publishing, the dead end route whereby authors pay to have their works published.

Let the Merger-Mania Commence – Kensington Publishing Buys Digital Indie Lyrical Press
Via The Digital Reader

Kensington Publishing is kicking off the new year with an acquisition.

They’ve just bought Lyrical Press, a digital first indie publisher that focused on romance and erotica (with a dash of SF and YA).

Newspaper behind bars boasts compelling storytelling
Via LA Times

For the inmate editors and writers of the San Quentin News, the work is a reminder that life doesn’t end when people are locked up. They want to increase circulation tenfold.

With $5.3M In Funding, Entitle Launches E-Book Service Emphasizing Ownership And Big Titles
Via TechCrunch

In the past few months, we’ve seen the launch of several e-book subscription services using a Netflix-style pricing model, where users pay a monthly fee and get access to any title in the catalog. A new service called Entitle is going in a different direction — users still pay a subscription fee, but they can only download a few books each month.